About us

Be you, Be free, Be BeBop
In 1999 in Los Angeles, California The Weisberg Family began designing a clothing line called BeBop.  They felt it was the right time to expand the library of brands they began growing in 1957.  Since then BeBop has always been focused on bringing easy California cool clothing to it’s consumers with great quality and affordability.


As a company BeBop strives to ensure that integrity, creativity, and passion are at the heart of all we do.  We are a family business and we treat the work that we do with the respect and the love of a family.


We want our clothing to be a part of a lifestyle that inspires young women to feel and be comfortable in their own skin.  Clothing should inspire a feeling of strength and confidence to be who you are in the world, to find your purpose, and foster the ability to make your own identity.


We believe that there is no one who can be you better than you can.  Nothing should hide the person that you are, most especially not your clothing.


The BeBop babe is a breath of fresh air to everyone she encounters.  She brings her style & confidence with her everywhere she goes. The BeBop babe is every young woman.  There is no limit to who she is or who she can be.  She does not let others define her, only she can do that. 


Basking in the rays of the California sun, the BeBop babe’s poise and charm are contagious.  She is young, intelligent and carefree and she uses her wardrobe to express who she is before she speaks.  Above all else she is herself.


Be you, Be free, BeBop